Introducing of Rekino

Introducing of Rekino

If you want to know what number came up in the Telekino, you have to be attentive and know that the results of this game of chance come out every week at the time and day indicated above.

How do I know if I won the Telekino?

To know if you won you have to be attentive and check your Telekino card to see if your numbers were drawn. If the 15 numbers match the balls drawn in the draw, you are the brand new winner. You have to take into account that, from the business day after the draw date, all prizes expire after 15 business days

How to control the Telekino ticket?

To control your ticket you have to watch the act that is broadcast live on channel 9 or scan your Telekino and check the result of the draw on the internet. The results are also published in the different newspapers with national distribution or you can request them at the official lottery agencies.

Telekino Prizes: how big is the Telekino jackpot?

Telekino Prizes

Regarding the Telekino jackpot, 38% (thirty-eight percent) of the total collection of the game will go to prizes. We understand by total collection the amount resulting from the multiplication of the total Telekino cartons sold by the value of the carton.

In order to define the total prize for each category, the following percentages will be applied to the amount reserved for prizes in this modality:

Telekino Awards with 15 hits

The winner of the Telekino with 15 correct answers will receive the first Telekino prize or first category prize, first draw, 50.50% (fifty 50/100 percent).

The additional for the first prize (prize in kind) 5.50% (five with 50/100 percent).

Telekino Awards with 14 hits

The second Telekino prize or second category prize first draw (14 hits) 2.50% (two with 50/100 percent).

Telekino Awards with 13 hits

The third Telekino prize or first draw third category prize (13 hits) 4.60% (four with 60/100 percent).

Telekino Awards with 12 hits

The fourth Telekino prize or fourth category prize first draw (12 hits) 8.80% (eight with 80/100 percent).-

Telekino Awards with 11 hits

The fifth Telekino prize or first draw fifth category prize (11 hits) 23.25% (twenty-three with 25/100 percent).

How to win the Telekino?

win the Telekino

Who wouldn’t want to win Telekino online? Surely many ardent gamers have that wish. Now we will present some strategies so that, accompanied by your luck, you can make that dream come true. We make these recommendations to you from the exhaustive analysis of a large number of winning cards.

Leave two fixed numbers (they can be 1 and 25, which have always come out more times) and play with combinations for the remaining ones.

Consider the maximum separation between numbers. In most of the winning cards it can be seen that the maximum difference between numbers is 4.

Choose consecutive numbers. The ideal ratio is between 3 and 5 consecutive numbers.

Add the numbers on your card. He resorts to mathematics, because in most of the Telekino winning cards the sum of all the numbers on the card gave between 180 and 192.

Pay attention to odd and even numbers. We recommend using 6 even numbers and 8 odd numbers, since 44% of the winning cards had that ratio.

Place preferably four prime numbers. You can choose between 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19 and 23. It is a good way to try to be victorious in this game.

Opt for double-digit numbers, since most of the numbers between 1 and 25 are two-digit (exactly 64%). However, do not rule out the one-digit numbers, about five or six one-digit numbers is a good percentage to guide you towards victory in the Telekino.

Pay attention to the last winning card. In general, in the next draw, at least 7 of the values that appeared on the winning card of the previous draw appear. Take it into account!

Consider playing more than one ticket to increase your chances of winning the Telekino grand prize even further. It may sound obvious, but it’s a great way to have a much better chance of winning.

Join some friends to be able to buy many more cards and the expense will be shared. This is excellent advice to share expenses and be able to play much more, but you have to take into account that, if they win, they will have to distribute the profit among all.

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