Telekino: learn how to play Telekino and win


Casino games in Argentina are becoming more and more popular. And, in general, when it comes to gambling, Argentines are arduous consumers. It is that the passion that characterizes them is also reflected in the game. The Telekino is one of his favorites and is sold all over the country.

On this occasion, we review everything you need to know about this famous game and we want you to know much more about Telekino, play it, and head towards success and without stops. We invite you not to miss this opportunity and take advantage of today’s Telekino to try your luck. Squeeze your chances of winning!

What is Telekino?

Telekino is an Argentine family lottery game of chance, created in 1992 and organized by the Caja Popular de Ahorros de la Provincia de Tucumán together with the company Loterking.

Telekino Draw: Day and time

The Telekino game is raffled weekly. Next, we will tell you the exact days and times so that you do not stay out of this great Argentine lottery game. Go taking note!

When is the Telekino drawn?

The Telekino draw is held every Sunday and the event is broadcast live throughout the country on television on channel 9.

What time is the Telekino drawn?

Telekino drawn

Now you must wonder what time the Telekino is drawn on Sundays. The answer is that the celebration time is at 15:30. Likewise, if you miss the television broadcast, you can see the result on the internet, in the different newspapers of the country or in the official gaming agencies.

How to play Telekino?

Playing Telekino is very simple. The bettor must buy a card that has 15 randomly combined numbers between 1 and 25 printed on it. These are printed in the middle part of the card.

15 balls are raffled from a bolillero with 25 balls. The player who has all 15 matches is the winner of the maximum jackpot. If there was no winner because no player got 15 matches, the pool is vacated and the prize rolls over to the next draw.

Telekino on sunday

In this traditional modality of the Telekino on Sunday that we have been pointing out, bettors who achieve 14, 13, 12 and up to 11 matches on their card also win a cash prize. According to the number of hits is the amount that will be awarded to each winner.



Many will want to know what the Rekino is: it is a new weekly draw that takes place with the same 15 numbers, but for an extra cash jackpot. These numbers are printed on the bottom of the carton. The draw is made after the Telekino modality and consists of extracting 15 balls again.

Unlike the Telekino, in the Rekino the pot is never vacant, since it is won with 15 hits and, if no one succeeds, then the one with 14 wins. If there are no winners either, the one with 13 hits wins and so on until a winner is found. Many compare this game with online roulette, due to its possibilities, the truth is that roulette is more entertaining and has more alternatives.

Draw with the cardboard number

In addition to the two previous raffles that award cash prizes, there is one more, which awards prizes such as cars, trips or household appliances. All the Telekino cards sold participate in this raffle and are raffled with the number located on the left side of the card. Like the Rekino, this raffle is never vacant, that is, there are always winners. Isn’t that fantastic?

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