How to bet with cryptocurrencies in online casinos?

bet with cryptocurrencies

At online casinos we accept bets with cryptocurrencies, and our users are increasingly making use of this payment option. Next, we will tell you step by step how to start betting with crypto both within our sports betting section and within our online casino:

Sign up

Go to the online casinos website.

Click on the “Register” button at the top of the screen.

Complete all required fields and follow online casinos instructions.

Configure your Wallet or virtual wallet

To store your cryptocurrencies you will have to have a virtual wallet; so create an account in one of them.

Configure your wallet so that you can store your cryptocurrencies in them.

Buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency on an Exchange

Go to the site

Click on “Exchange Account”

Enter your address to determine the best exchange option for you.

Set up personal exchange account.

Choose the cryptocurrency you want to have and make the purchase.

Send the cryptocurrencies to your wallet

Go to the site

Click on “Digital Wallet”.

Choose your wallet.

Transfer the cryptocurrencies to your wallet by selecting the “Withdraw” or “Send” option and enter your wallet address. Next, press “Receive” in your wallet.

Deposit crypto in online casinos

Login to your online casino account and click on the “Deposit” option

Select your cryptocurrency and a cryptocurrency address and QR code will be generated there.

In your wallet, click on the “Send” option and scan the QR code.

Enter a value and click “Submit”.

Verify the information given and click on “Submit” again. Ready! Within 60 seconds the value will appear in your online casino account.

Place your bets

Once on your online casino site, search for the event or game you want to bet on.

Enjoy the online game!

How to earn money betting cryptocurrencies?

betting cryptocurrencies

Online gaming is fun and entertainment. But the possibility of making money is always present. We recommend that you place bets on games that you understand and know the rules of. It is also important that your plays are within a previously established spending limit.

At online casino you can play various online casino games such as slots, roulette, video bingo, and card games. Within the latter, the most popular are blackjack, baccarat and poker. Learning how to play poker online is a job that takes time, but after doing it, it can give you good benefits.

What is the benefit of playing cryptocurrency at online casino?

Online casino provides all the conveniences for users who want to bet with cryptocurrencies. We already saw that the process is very simple, and the crypto is quickly deposited from a virtual wallet to your Bodog account.

In addition, online casino offers an exclusive promotion for customers using cryptocurrencies. A bonus that you can use for both sports betting and casino games.

What will be the future use of cryptocurrencies?

future use of cryptocurrencies

Experts diagnose that the use of cryptocurrencies will multiply greatly in the coming years. And seeing how the current trend is, this would not be surprising, since day by day this market has more users.

In turn, more and more sectors are accepting payment with cryptocurrencies. In online betting, the use of cryptos seemed unthinkable a few years ago, but today it is a reality. Without a doubt, virtual currencies are here to stay!

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