Should I stop the reels when playing slots?

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When we think of online gambling, the first thing that comes to mind is a slot machine. Among the lovers of these games, there are conflicting positions about whether stopping the reels while they are spinning is convenient or not. In this article, we are going to delve into this topic and unveil the mystery: is it convenient to stop the reels when playing slots?

Is stopping the reels on slots always an option?

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Nowadays, slot machines with reels have, in the vast majority of cases, five reels or reels that can have 3 or more visible symbols each. When the reels finish spinning randomly, the symbols form combinations that may or may not be awarded depending on the payment lines pre-established in the game rules.

The reels will start spinning when you press the spin button, which is usually located in the bottom center of the screen, almost always represented by a play symbol. It can also appear in the right margin with a spinning arrow graphic. The slots are programmed by software that makes a spin last around 3 seconds.

You always have the option to voluntarily stop the reels before the spin ends automatically. You can do this with the same button that you used to start the reels spinning or, in some cases, with a specific button to stop the spinning. In the slots section of the Bodog online casino you can play slots and try these buttons without having to make a previous deposit of money.

To stop or not to stop: that is the question

In this section, we will discuss what would be the advantages and disadvantages of stopping the reels of a slot machine to get successful combinations.

Why would it be better to stop the reels in slots?

In cases where the speed of the reels allows us to see the special symbols, we can stop the reels when they appear. Here, stopping the reels will be convenient for us to form winning combinations with bigger prizes and better manage our playing time. You must sharpen your reflexes to the maximum for this strategy to be successful.

It is necessary to clarify that the turns occur at a high speed. So while it is possible to spot the symbols, until our finger presses the button to stop the reels, it is very likely that the symbol we expected has already passed. We could also go through the opposite reasoning: stopping the reels when we did NOT see any of the maximum symbols. That would give us a chance that these DO exist when the reels stop.

Why shouldn’t you stop the reels when playing online slots?

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Many players maintain that the result does not change no matter how much we stop the reels, because it is determined by the RNG. This acronym comes from English, “Random Number Generator”, which in Spanish means “random number generator”. In such a way that we are before a software that has been programmed for the correct operation of the slot.

It should also be noted that if we stop the reels at each move, we will be considerably reducing our playing time. This is not a problem for players with a large bankroll. But if this is not your case, the best thing to do is to surrender to the game experience and, while the reels spin, immerse yourself in the theme of the slot, with its history, its characters and sound effects.

In conclusion: is it better to stop the reels when we play slots?

We think not. Let’s remember that the results of a slot will not stop being random no matter how much we stop the reels manually. It is evident that the emotional influences our decisions and we forget that our success is left to chance. For this reason, when we are playing, we think that it is a moment of leisure and fun. The best thing is to let the game flow and take fewer risks.

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