Cat Slots – You’re Going To Jump On One Paw

Cat Slots

Did you know that playing is very beneficial for kittens because it helps them maintain a good physical and mental condition? That’s how it is! And it is for us too. That is why we invite you to discover these five feline slots in their demo versions to practice and learn to play, without the need for prior registration or deposit.

But why choose a cat slot among so many other options? Anyone who has had a cat as a pet will know that they are animals that generate attraction, fascination and a lot of love when they get cuddly and begin to purr. And it is that same fascination that is attracting more and more players to Bodog’s online casino, looking for a moment of fun, in the hands of these intelligent animals (or should we say “paw”?). Join us to learn more about these cat slots.

Duplicates: jungle, cats and poker

This game takes place in a jungle environment with an overwhelming variety of flowers and vegetation, as well as the deafening song of hundreds of birds. You will see how among the wild tigers, lions, panthers and leopards, a friendly domestic kitten appears. But the most shocking thing is to find a deck of poker cards in the middle of the jungle.

All combinations, of three or more symbols, will be considered winning if they are formed on consecutive reels, from left to right on one of the 10 pay lines. The minimum bet amount is 0.10 and the maximum is 200. Landing a combination of 5 matching jacks activates the Double Jacks feature, which pays out a huge win equal to 5 matching symbols.

Cutie Cat – Take the Winning Trophy

Winning Trophy

The aesthetics of this game make us spectators of a glamorous cat contest, in which you won’t be able to decide which is the prettiest. The pompous white cat with a tiara on her head is one of the special symbols in this slot (Wild) and substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter. The trophy is the Scatter symbol and appears only on reels 1, 3 and 5.

Winnings can be risked by betting on Risk with Cards, choosing the color of the card. If the chosen color matches, the winnings will be doubled. If it does not match, the bet will be lost. You can also risk your winnings by betting Risk with straight. If you choose the illuminated step that is above the current step you increase your prize. You lose if you choose the illuminated rung below the current rung.

Cutie Cat CCS: same fun, but with a bonus

The provider Gamomat brings us this variant of the Cutie Cats game with a new bonus feature Crazy Chicken Shooter. In any successful combination this special feature can be activated. At the start of the bonus, you will see a chicken coop with three locks that, if you manage to get them to open, will qualify you for a draw. The rounds you get on the reels determine the prize level and the number of shots available.

Cat Kingdom: a cat king with his magical staff

We know cats are territorial, but have you ever imagined a cat in his own kingdom? This 5-reel, 3-row, 243-payline slot is set inside the palace of this chubby, lazy cat king. You’ll find him sitting on his throne, surrounded by glittering gold coins and holding a magical staff in his right hand that will leave an imprint on your winnings.

Lucky Cat – The Fortune Slot

Fortune Slot

Why are cats considered good luck animals in some cultures? The Egyptians began to domesticate them around 4000 B.C. C. and considered it a sacred animal and protection against evil spirits, since it was directly related to the lion, which for the Egyptians was the god Rá. In China and Japan, according to a 16th century legend, the cat became an amulet that with its little hand attracts good fortune to its owner.

In this cat slot, the lucky cat or Zhaocai Mao in Chinese invites us to play with a beautiful landscape in the background of southwest China. It could well be in the province of Guizhou, in the great Huangguoshu National Park, where the highest waterfall on the Asian continent is located. You will see how a rain of red rose petals make up an exquisite image with the traditional constructions of ancient Chinese architecture.

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