Business Technology Management (BTM)

BTM - Business Technology Management -- Technology enabled business excellenceIt is a new, professional undergraduate university program that CCICT corporate and academic members have designed to improve the quality and quantity of business professionals capable of implementing ICTs to achieve productivity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and competitive advantage. Typical roles of business technology managers including business analyst, project manager, change management, consultant, entrepreneur, and IT manager.

Canadian organizations employ well over 200,000 people with this profile. This is the fastest growing segment of ICT occupational growth, and the one that is experiencing the worst skills shortages in every region of Canada. On top of the labour shortage, employers are not satisfied with the quality of skills available in the marketplace for these strategically critical occupations. In 2009-10, employment for business technology management jobs experienced 30%+ growth according to Statistics Canada.

CCICT launched a consultation process to design the BTM, including employers and educators from across Canada, in February 2009. A working group designed a set of learning outcomes for the program, drawing heavily on relevant international standards. Each accredited university program is encouraged to carve its own path in curriculum, pedagogy and specialization while delivering the core learning outcomes. Relevant practical experience is being developed as a requirement for individual graduate designation as (for example) a Certified Business Technology Manager (CBTM). We are partnering with the Canadian Information Processing Society for program accreditation and graduate certification.

Currently, more than 11 universities across Canada offer undergraduate BTM degrees or certificates, with more on the way. They include:

Each school has its own unique program, course structure and overall approach and excels in particular topic areas and electives, ranging from deep computer science to marketing and entrepreneurship.

To learn more, contact Gina van Dalen, BTM Project Manager at, visit or download the BTM brochure.